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January 31, 2018

Narrow band sensitization

Hear what you want to hear

You can pick and choose what you hear and justify it by mood or instant discrediting.

Increasingly we have become desensitized to vulgarity (Family Guy), sexuality (all media), atrocity and suffering.

At the same time, we are hyper sensitive to dissenting view points. News outlets use on-payroll commentators to give the illusion of a challenging opinion explored in less depth than a late-night presidential Twitter rant.

NPR has become a liberal cesspool for intellectual inbreeding where half of the in-depth reporting is on women’s rights, LGBT sexuality, and why the GOP has got it so wrong. On the right, you outlets like the Heritage Foundation which is differentiated from Christian radio largely by intonation and academic pedigree, but not dogmatic and circular reasoning.

It is not a result of a change in human nature but a reflex reaction to inundation by broadcast media (I’m choosing to include “new media” since going to a website is as broadcast as the digital HDTV feed coming into your cable box).