The Open Source Fraud: Programmers are painting Tom Sawyer's fence.

April 1, 2018

Professionals get paid

Professionals get paid for their time, otherwise it’s volunteering or getting hustled.

Volunteering is good: My lawyer does works pro bono for low-income renters and my doctor does Doctors without Borders. I help struggling new startups gratis.

My doctor doesn’t go to Joe Louis Arena and ask “Do any of the Red Wings need a free MRI?” My lawyer doesn’t mount securities fraud defenses to help the little guy. I don’t spend my free time writing code and say “here, go profit from this.”

Community development is essential

You can’t get things like Linux out of a company, you need a massive community to make that happen.

Open source has been a windfall for business

Corp sponsored is fine

If Google is so supportive of Open Source, why not release all of their code and even their non-technical IP like logos and trademarks?

How about Tesla giving away its state of the art transmission design?