Automation is at your doorstep: In 30 minutes or less

May 1, 2018

Comparing the next wave of automation to the industrial revolution is like comparing nuclear arms to the invention of gun powder.


Developers may seem to be the prime beneficiaries, but they are not. My favorite piece of software, B.A.S.E., was built with the express purpose of replacing some of my contractors by generating application code segments that follow a common structure – it has exceeded my wildest expectations and I estimate that it has saved me 5,000 developer hours in aggregate.

The future will be dominated not by technologists, but my innovators. People who can think in new and creative ways. Besides the fields of engineering, there is plenty of room to innovate in business and government. Lest we truly ceed our humanity, artists and thought leaders will have a place to excel.

In short, if what you do is routine and doesn’t require thought, it is a virtual certainty that somebody who doesn’t even work in your field is working on replacing you with a machine.

Easy projects and context

Number of jobs that will be replaced by self driving cars. Compare to the number of jobs lost in the great depression.

By 1932, 3 years into the Great Depression, over 13 million Americans had lost their jobs.

About 2.4mm jobs http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/self-driving-cars-endanger-millions-american-jobs-thats-okay/

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